Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The day Joe got Hurt!

I am writing this today to pay a big thank you to O'neal helmets.
My son Joe Nix ordered a new frame and parts he also ordered a new helmet because
we have been telling him he needs to wear one when he rides. He is getting really good
with BMX and he does a lot of tricks that I have to say scare me. I am always worried
about him getting hurt. Well he got his shipment on Thursday May 21, 2009 him and
my husband put the new bike together and when they were done my son and a couple
friends started riding his ramp he did a 360 to a fakie and then he came backward he
fell and hit the back of his head (he was not wearing that new helmet) I took him to
the ER he had a mild concussion. We told him he had to wear his helmet from then
on no matter what. I wish I could say that was the end of the story, but it's not...

On Friday May 22, 2009 Joe was riding his bike and with many factors like it
was dark, he had the spot light up, a new bike (it is lighter and everything is new).
Joe went up the ramp and did a can can his back wheel caught the top of the ramp and
over the bike he went. He dropped about 10 feet landing head to face at the bottom of
the transition. He was knocked out and he had a seizure and he broke his nose,
left hand and he has second concussion syndrome (that is very serious condition and
there are not many cases of it. You can see the information at
If you google search it is the first one that comes up). The doctors and specialist have told
us without any doubt if he had not had the helmet on he would be dead. Thank you so
much O'Neal for making the helmet that saved our sons life. I am writing this letter to
you and sharing his story with you in hope that maybe you would both publish something
on what can happen when you don't wear something so simple as a helmet! I
have been to lots of parks and watched a lot of BMXers and skaters ride and seen some
amazing tricks but what I didn't see was anyone wearing a helmet..... Our son has a
major brain injury that is going to take a year or more to feel from and he had a helmet on.

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope it helps someone make
the choice to put a helmet on. (I also sent this to O'Neal Distributing and Danscomp)

Earl and Dee Dee Nix and also Joe Nix (the injured rider)

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